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History repeats on e-cigarettes

Ruth A. Etzel | Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (8 Jan 2014)
Children see celebrities using this product on prime-time television, and at least one cartoon character touts its use. Read more...


Why ‘Saving Mr. Banks’ didn’t save Walt Disney from smoking

Megan Buerger | The Wall Street Journal (12 Dec 2013)
When the company returned her script with no changes, Ms. Marcel said she was speechless. Read more...

Violence, risky behavior a common mix in big films, study says

John Horn | Los Angeles Times (9 Dec 2013)
Violence is glamorized by pairing it with sex, alcohol and smoking in PG-13 and R-rated films. Read more...

Why Woody Allen’s ‘Blue Jasmine’ wasn’t released in India

Snigdha Poonam | The New York Times (9 Oct 2013)
Mr. Allen was unwilling to follow the local guidelines for showing people smoking on film. Read more...

Smoking controversies continue

Asha Prakash | The Times of India (7 Oct 2013)
Three recent Indian films run up against new standards on screen and in film posters. Read more...

Woody Allen stubs out ‘Blue Jasmine’ in India over anti-smoking laws

Krishna RJ and Sugden Joanna | The Wall Street Journal (7 Oct 2013)
India’s rules have been in place since 2005 as part of a government effort to curb smoking. Read more...

Gina Gershon suffered bronchitis while playing chain-smoking Versace

| (23 Sep 2013)
She smoked constantly throughout the project.


Advocates don't want to mix tax dollars with movie smoking

Chris Megerian | Los Angeles Times (7 Sep 2012)
Lawmakers should “align public film subsidies with public health evidence and goals.” Read more...

Stub out smoking's 'coolness' on screen

Lisa Power | The Telegraph (16 Jul 2012)
Stubbing out smoking in films aimed at teenagers could help slash youth uptake by up to 18 per cent. Read more...